Independence’s eateries take advantage of the wealth of farm fresh ingredients and vineyards that surround them – because that is the way this community has always done it.  When farms are only 10 minutes away, it means visitors and locals alike can relish seasonal menus and craft products that are always informed not just by what’s in season, but how recently it was harvested.  It also means you might be eating a meal or sharing a drink next to the farmer who made your meal possible.
Arena Sports Bar & Grill Exterior Picture

Arena Sports Bar and Grill

Locally owned and operated, Arena has been a staple in the downtown area for many decades. Hundreds of sports channels, friendly staff, and classic pool tables – Arena is the best place to get close to the action. Feeling brave? Try their Chernobyl Challenge.

Ordering inside at the Brew Coffee and Taphouse

Brew Coffee and Taphouse

Patio seating and good eating! That’s exactly what you can expect from Brew Coffee & Tap House. Grab your drink of choice, a warm tasty meal, and a fun board game with you on your way out to their cozy patio. Enjoy your meal next to a fireplace and views of the Willamette River.

Chase Bar and Grill Reuben sandwich

Chase Bar and Grill

Where food, fun, and friends meet. Chase Bar and Grill may have some seriously good cocktails and great beer on tap but don’t overlook the mouth-watering food. This American take on a European styled pub will have you craving fish and chips with a side of beer and beer.

Cusinela Delicious Food Taco Food Truck

Cusinela Delicious

If you want to know what the food at Cusinela Delicious is like, look no further then their name – it’s DELICIOUS! This spicy little food truck is serving up major Mexican comfort food. Grab a plate and enjoy it on Parallel 45 Brewing’s relaxing patio.

Gilgamesh Brewing The River Bacon Burger and Beer

Gilgamesh Brewing: The River

From once brewing in a woodworking shop to winning multiple craft beer awards. These rustic beginnings are represented in the amazing woodwork throughout The River. Enjoy unique pizza, burgers, and more inside or on the patio.

Jade Terrace Chinese food

Jade Terrace

Taste the depths of flavorful Chinese food at Jade Terrace. Fill your plates with crispy egg rolls, succulent honey walnut shrimp, perfectly spiced beef all over a bed of classic fried rice. These combos will make any take-out night something to look forward to.

Lonney's Lunch Wagon Hawaiian Food truck

Lonney’s Lunch Wagon

Warning: Do not got here with friends unless you’re prepared to fight off forks from stealing your food – it’s that good. Their mixed menu of Hawaiian, Japanese, Korean, and some Fillipino dishes go perfect with any beer from Parallel 45 Brewing (where they’re parked).

Lucky Dragon Mongolian Beef Dish

Lucky Dragon

Tradition meets modern, chopsticks meet mouths, frequent visitors meet Lucky Dragon. Every bite takes over your senses with profound flavors. Succulent Mongolian beef, sweet orange chicken, and craving-induced lo mein makes dinner decisions easy.

Mangiare Italian Restaurant

Mangiare Italian Restaurant

Need a date night? Try this intimate Italian restaurant. Recently awarded 2020 Best Independence Restaurant for their brilliant menu featuring locally sourced ingredients. Pair your Oregon wine with a fresh pasta dish.

Mendi's Pizza

Mendi’s Pizza

Pizza – need we say more? This locally-owned pizzeria boasts more than just a classic slice. Panther Slammer Sandwich, Spaghetti, Tator Babies, and way more than just a cheese pizza or combination appears on their menu. Tummies everywhere will be very happy.

Naughty Noodle Mac and Cheese

Naughty Noodle

Something this good just has to be Naughty. Chef Jaime prides her art (aka cooking) on high-quality ingredients and freshness. This is evident with every slurped-up noodle. You can even have your Lady and the Tramp moment at home with their Take & Sauté options.

Ovenbird Bakery baker holding basket of bread in front of sign

Ovenbird Bakery

As the sun rises over Downtown Independence the air fills with the aroma of fresh baked bread. Follow that smell to Ovenbird Bakery. Stop for a lunchtime sandwich or take a whole loaf home with you. Pastries, quiche, and gluten-free options are all ready for you. 

Pink House Cafe breakfast food

Pink House Café

Step into a completely different era. This delightfully pink home is serving charm with a side of bacon. Built in the 1870s, the Pink House Cafe is a pillar for Independence’s historic pride. The menu features classic American cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

San Antonio Mexican Restaurant steaming authentic Mexican dishes

San Antonio Mexican Restaurant

The vibrant atmosphere transports guests thousands of miles away with every heaping plate of aromatic Mexican cuisine. It’s no wonder when you keep going back for more bites.

Silk Thai Cuisine starter plate packed with food

Silk Thai Cuisine

This rainbow of fresh ingredients lead you to the treasure-trove that is Silk Thai Cuisine’s menu. These dishes are layered with deep flavors that burst with colorful spices. All we can say is we’re sorry because once you try Silk Thai you’ll never stop craving it.

Starduster Cafe veggie scramble

Starduster Cafe

Get ready for landing at this runway restaurant. The views of the Independence State Airport runway attract pilots, locals and the aviation-obsessed. Your taste-buds will sore after the Maple Bacon Crunch French Toast, Barnyard Breakfast, or really anything on the menu.

Tap Station

Picture this: you’re holding a cold beer with the sun’s beam warm on your face and gentle breeze brushes by. The games on, your family and friends are around you. Life is good. This is a night at the Tap Station where the owner’s goal is for you to just relax and enjoy a classic burger and beer. 

Group of friends enjoying dinner at Territory


Inspired by the bounty of the Pacific Northwest, Territory specializes in fine artisan cuisine made with fresh, local ingredients. Join them for a unique fine dining experience on the banks of the beautiful Willamette River.

Fro-Zone Yogurt

Get your cups ready for some seriously creamy frozen yogurt. It may be hard to choose from a variety of flavors and over 60 toppings. But, that’s what next visits are for…and visits after that.,. and after that.

Independent Ice Cream Shop children enjoying ice cream cones

Independent Ice Cream Shop

Ah, Ice Cream. The best way to sweeten your day. At Independent Ice Cream Shop you’ll be greeted with a friendly smile and scrumptious sweets. Enjoy a crispy cone topped with scoops of creamy ice cream while viewing the lively Riverview Park.

Jubilee plates filled with disserts and glasses filled with bubbly


Sweet dreams are made of Jubilee’s desserts. As soon as you step into this boutique dessert shop you’ll immediately feel like you’re on a sugary vacation. Jubilee’s cupcakes, tarts, macarons, brownies, cake, and more are all here to help you treat yo’self.

Melting Pot Candy Shop boxes of chocolates

Melting Pot Candy

Melting Pot Candy began with a 100 year old family buttery toffee recipe.  It went from one kitchen to the friends’ kitchens to local farmers markets and now to your home and the homes you share it with (or keep it all to yourself).

Ovenbird Bakery Pie

Ovenbird Bakery

Cookies, cakes, and pies – oh my!  Ovenbird bakes all fresh pastries from scratch daily (gluten-free options available). I’m going to have to demand that you go get a cinnamon roll from them IMMEDIATELY. It will be the best decision of your day.

Arena Sports Bar and Grill pool table with beer and wings

Arena Sports Bar and Grill

This building became a tavern the day after prohibition ended. Over 300 people lined up around the block to come in and have nickel beers! Even though the beers aren’t quite a nickel anymore, they still taste as good as the day after prohibition ended.

Brew Coffee and Taphouse group on the sunny patio with beer

Brew Coffee & Tap House

What’s better than getting your hot coffee on your way to work and then a cold beer on your way home all from the same place? Nothing. Enjoy a drink while listening to live music on their patio. Add some friends to make this visit even better.

Chase Bar and Grill patriotic drinks

Chase Bar and Grill

Chase Bar and Grill is ready to celebrate any occasion with specialty drinks and not-your-average bar food! Going on St. Patrick’s Day? Expect a cold glass of sparkling green beer. 4th of July? Grab a vodka otter pop. Whatever the reason, you’ve got to check them out!

Shows Gilgamesh's IPA, Hazy IPA, and Strawberry Lemon Drop Cocktail

Gilgamesh Brewing: The River

Whether you’re an IPA fanatic enjoying the bold Doug Firocious or someone who “doesn’t like beer” drinking the smooth Mamba – Gilgamesh brews for everyone. Fall in love with these beers while bopping to some live music.

Jubilee champagne and smiles

Jubilee Champagne and Dessert Bar

There’s only one thing better than a glass of champagne. A bottle. Get your bottles of bubbly at Jubilee. Stay for brunch and try their variety of sweet mimosas. A fully stocked bar will keep you company but bring some friends too.

Parallel 45 Brewing group playing cards and laughing over beer inside

Parallel 45 Brewing

Say “hello” to Independence’s own craft brewery. Beers are made to be creative and easy for anyone to enjoy. Located in the heart of Oregon’s hop growing area, they make the most of what they have in their backyard to constantly introduce new beers to customers.

Tap Station

Tap into Independence’s selection of local craft beers at the Tap Station. The owner’s love for Oregon brews inspired the journey to open a space where all these pours have a chance to be truly appreciated. Locals love to bring the whole family to this fun environment.