Polk County boasts rolling vineyard fields of harvest-ready grapes in the backyard of small-town friendly wineries.

While flying over Oregon, have you ever gazed down at the deep green and bright green fields stitched together like a soft quilt over the land? You may have thought to yourself “what’s down there”. Well, you can taste the answer by drinking a Willamette Valley wine.

As you swish around the contents, letting the colors temporarily paint the sides of the glass and exude a complex fragrance, you can truly feel connected to the soil that breathes life into the vines that these grapes were plucked from.

Whether you prefer lightness of an Old World wine, or look for a good full-body New World wine, or would just like to drink and enjoy the views – these Polk County wineries are here to serve you.

Andante Vineyard

Eola-Amity Hills AVA

Eola-Amity Hills is a dedicated American Viticultural Area within the famous Willamette Valley. The soil at Eola-Amity Hills grow these succulent vines are influenced by the unique Oregon climate lending to the most sought after wines in the world.

This AVA’s Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays are requested by wine connoisseurs and living-rooms wine lovers alike. The pride in the flavor is derived from the pride in their lands. The Eola-Amity Hills are covered in sustainable, carefully farmed vineyards that support more than 30 wineries and tasting rooms.

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Van Duzer Corridor AVA

The Van Duzer Corridor is an odd yet magical area for vineyards. The cool winds rolling off the ocean into the Valley breezes over the growing grapes. You can image that these wind creates a slightly chilled pocket compared to the more warmer conditions across the Willamette Valley. But would you think that the oceanic winds play a large roll in the sustainability of the vineyards?

The light gale dries out the vine canopy and decreases fungus pressure. This wonderful gift from the ocean reduces the need for fungus spray and thickens the grape skins creating a deep color and tannin. Nearly 1,000 acres are occupied by 18 commercial vineyards and 6 bonded wineries produce the highest quality and consistency amongst wines.

Willamette Valley AVAs

No grape variety is as reflective of climatic and site differences as Pinot noir. That is why it demands a cool climate to thrive and why small distance differences in the valley often yield wines of distinctively different character. General attributes that make the Willamette Valley suitable for cool climate grape growing include the protection afforded by the Cascade Mountains to the east, Coast Range mountains to the west and a series of lower hill chains to the extreme north of the valley.

It is on these hillsides that Pinot noir uniqueness is found and where apparent families of wines urge distinctive American Viticultural Area identification.  These are Willamette Valley AVA’s six more specific AVAs:

Wineries Closest to Independence

It almost seems like Independence was a sommelier’s idea. With vineyards surrounding the city like grapevines, and the Willamette River coursing by – it makes it so hard to pick a place to visit. Luckily, there’s multiple wineries and tasting rooms to visit in a short bike-ride or drive so you can knock out a few in just one day. It always seems to be the perfect day to explore these areas with friends, family, or a classic treat yo’self day.

So, who knows? Maybe after-all one of the original settlers from the Oregon Trail was a sommelier. I mean, it only makes sense after tasting the harvest at any of these wineries closest to Independence:

Great Places to Get a Glass

Independence believes in supporting each other. One way of showing that is the love local restaurants share for wineries nearby.

You won’t be surprised to find a local bottle of subtle white wine being poured into your glass over a creamy pasta dinner at Mangiare Italian Restaurant or a local broad-shouldered red wine with a cut of fine meat from Territory. After dinner, a delightful bubbly dessert wine is the perfect side to your treat from Jubilee Champagne and Dessert Bar.

So, whether you’re wanting an adventure through Willamette Valley or just through Main Street – Independence has you covered.