“After a day’s walk, everything has twice its usual value”. Spoken by the historian G. M. Trevelyan and captures the value you will find throughout the serene trails in Independence. Whether you are wanting to clear your mind, move your body, or enjoy a stroll with a friend – these trails will be a walk to remember.  

Children walking hand in hand through a field

Ash Creek Trail

Trees that touch the sky and a creek babbling nearby will accompany you through your half mile walk. The Ash Creek Trail is an off-street concrete path guiding you over a little bridge and through winding greenery. Look for the large tile mosaic that depicts the creek or for the chirping birds along the way. Push a stroller, bring a friend, or enjoy Ash Creek Trail all to yourself.

Inspiration Garden at Mt. Fir Park

Education, imagination, and inspiration all will be gained from your outing at Mt. Fir Park’s Inspiration Garden. The .3-mile paved path welcomes all – even your four-legged friends on leashes – from dawn to dusk. Seven acres of grassy meadow and sprawling gardens are tucked into the curves of a sparkling creek. The awe-struck feeling you’ll get while observing the well-loved and well-nourished plants throughout your walk is all thanks to the Polk County chapter of OSU Master Gardeners. When you see the butterflies in the Pollinator Garden, and the gleeful kids in the Children’s Garden, spare a thought of gratitude for the efforts and care shown by the all-volunteer Master Gardeners. Then be grateful for taking the time to go on this walk and taking a moment for a little self-care.  If you want to keep walking, the trail continues another quarter mile through Sunset Meadows Park.

Willamette River Trail

Every step placed on the Willamette River Trail will be met with opportunities to observe nature, spot native birds, and view Independence from a new perspective. 3 miles of paved paths and soft surfaces makes this trail accessible to all as it winds along and through the Willamette River’s riparian greenway. Access the trail from multiple points or start the journey at the Ash Creek pedestrian bridge near Riverview Park’s parking lot. Bring your excited doggo and stop by the fenced Independence Dog Park along the way. At one end of the trail is the Independence Sports Park featuring a fun obstacle course to really get your body moving and fields to pass around a ball. 

Cap your walk with a visit to Independence’s Main Street to get a refreshing drink from The Brew Coffee & Tap House, a light snack from Ovenbird Bakery, or a delicious ice cream cone from Independent Ice Cream Shop. Or make your own walking trail through the many other local businesses ready to welcome you to Independence.

Riverfront Trail in Fall
Inspiration Garden at Mt. Fir Park

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