Welcome to a community that values family, neighbors, sweets and good eats! Independence offers many places to get decadent desserts and satisfying snacks. Grab one on your way out to explore the town and beyond.

Sweet Spots

Sweet treats are the perfect way to make life’s special moments just a little bit sweeter. Nothing is better than a friendly face handing you a tasty treat and that is exactly what you get in Independence. Meet the shops that make Independence so sweet.

Jubilee Champagne & Dessert Bar

Jubilee is nestled at the corner of Main St and Monmouth Ave in a beautiful white building that looks like it belongs on a Hallmark card. Jubilee offers cakes, tarts, macarons, cupcakes, cookies, and other delightful desserts. Dana, the owner, has created a little dessert sanctuary that makes loving Jubilee a piece of cake. A favorite dessert is their fluffy cupcakes with creamy frosting. Try the butter toffee cupcake made with toffee from their neighbor, Melting Pot Candy. Jubilee also offers a tempting list of Champagne and other bubbly drinks from all over the world and a weekend brunch menu that will make Sunday morning trips to Jubilee a tradition.

Melting Pot Candy

What do you call a train that eats toffee? A chew, chew train! What do I call a person who eats Melting Pot’s Toffee? The luckiest person alive. Bonnie, the owner of Melting Pot Candy loves seeing kids press up to the case filled with delicious candies. With wide eyes and wandering fingers pointing out which treat looks tastiest, it truly brings to life the saying “kid in a candy shop”. Try their family toffee recipe that has been passed down for over 100 years, or one of their amazing truffles made with Pino Noir from a local winery. You really can’t go wrong with anything here!

Independent Ice Cream Shop

Independent Ice Cream Shop will melt your heart but not your ice cream! Andrea, the owner, is a friend we all need in our lives – someone who will greet you with an exuberant smile and a stuffed ice cream cone. 28 flavors of ice cream are just waiting to be selected and stacked in scoops on top of a scrumptious sugar or waffle cone. Hint: you might be doing it wrong if you’re not adding sprinkles and a cookie on top! Try a brownie sundae, banana split, Italian ice, or stuffed banana. The options are endless. Andrea’s infectious laugh is not the only thing you’ll be addicted to after visiting.

Owner, Andrea Holliday, of the Independent Ice Cream Shop holding a delicious scoop of ice cream on a waffle cone

Fro-Zone Yogurt Co

Fresh, fruity, and always fun. Locally owned Fro-Zone Yogurt Co has many flavors to fill your cup with. Their frozen yogurt is soft, creamy, and dreamy. Options include no sugar added, gluten free, dairy free, as well as low fat and nonfat varieties. With over 60 toppings offered you can create your own beautiful frozen yogurt masterpiece. Fro-Zone Yogurt Co also supports our community through donations, discounts, and employment opportunities for students. Fill your cup and your Independence pride with Fro-Zone Yogurt.

Snack Stops

Hangry (adj) – meaning: an anger fueled by hunger. Let’s be honest – we’ve all been there. We’re on the go, forgot breakfast, or just need something to get by – hangry happens. Don’t let those afternoon stomach grumbles turn into a battle with a hangry monster. Defeat the need to feed with a visit to any of these fulfilling snack stops.

Ovenbird Bakery

The smell of fresh baked bread flies through the morning air of Independence like a little songbird celebrating spring. If you’re lucky to be a passerby on Main St, you’ll catch a whiff of this comforting aroma and it’ll guide you straight to Ovenbird Bakery. Loaves of warm bread, sweet pastries, gluten-free goodies, and stacked sandwiches are waiting for you to snag them up and get your snack on.

Mendi’s Pizza

Go to Mendi’s when you want a little something more for a quick bite.  At Mendi’s, they’re serving you pizzas with crunchy crusts with savory sauces and many flavorful toppings. Order one of their mini 8 inch pizzas for a quick bite. Don’t overlook their refreshing salads, delicious wings, stacked sandwiches, or crispy tator babies seasoned to perfection. Mendi’s Pizza Parlor is versatile for quick eats or dinner meals and they’re ready to make you a lifelong customer.

Mendi's Pizza

7 Star Market

Convenience store is an understatement when describing 7 Star Market. They go beyond convenience with all the snacks they have to offer. Fruit, chips, smoothies, sandwiches, protein bars, and more are here for all your snacking needs. Try their highly craved chicken for a little something extra. Whether you’re biking, walking, or driving through Independence, 7 Star Market is ready to be your ultimate snack stop.